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Chocolate Diet. How To Eat Chocolate And Lose Weight?

The use of chocolate before and after eating – a new trend in weight loss – is gaining rapid popularity. Is this too good , to be true? Learn all about the chocolate diet.

Dark Chocolate Weight loss


Chocolate Slimming Diet

“Eat chocolate, get thinner” is the name of the book by dietician Will Clover. For those to whom this name did not appear to be brilliant enough, Clover straightforwardly guarantees: eat chocolate 20 minutes prior and 5 minutes after breakfast and lunch, and this will lessen your hunger by half. In any case, I suggest devouring one cut of dull chocolate just an hour or 90 minutes in the wake of eating. Since for this situation, chocolate will supplant an all the more unhealthy tidbit and make a full supper. In any case, in the event that you need to pursue this guidance, remember that sugar and nectar in its unadulterated structure must be wiped out from the eating regimen.

Scientists at the University of Copenhagen have demonstrated that chocolate diminishes desires for sugary, salty, and slick nourishments. Genuine, this possibly works on the off chance that you eat dull chocolate (for example the one that contains at any rate 70% cocoa). Concentrates likewise demonstrate that cancer prevention agents found in cocoa beans, known as flavonols, help lower circulatory strain and twofold the vascular’s capacity to recoup. Cocoa flavonols likewise decrease the danger of creating diabetes. Obviously, this does not imply that it merits retaining chocolates in huge amounts, however a couple of straightforward “sweet” rules are certainly worth learning.

The darker the better

Darker, less prepared chocolate contains more flavonols, in contrast to different assortments. The higher the level of cocoa, the higher the cancer prevention agent level and the lower the quantity of calories, because of the way that sugar and milk are added to such assortments less. However, admirers of white chocolate should observe that it doesn’t contain any flavonols and is just a treat.

Pick the correct treats.

Obviously, in secondary school desserts there is a ton of sugar. In the event that you can not deny yourself this joy, go to desserts containing organic products or nuts. These bars contain flavonols, but at the same time are wealthy in iron and sound strands, and some contain at least 5 grams of fiber for every serving (around one fifth of the prescribed day by day admission).

In any case, control the bit size! Despite which chocolate you like, it merits controlling its day by day admission, regarding calories. Actually, to soak the body with cell reinforcements, you need an exceptionally modest quantity of chocolate – from 20 to 40 grams for every day (around 150 to 250 calories). On the off chance that you need to shed pounds, don’t surpass eat close to 20 g for each day.

Include salt

Can’t survive without chocolate? Remember that dim chocolate feels extraordinary as a fixing in pastries, yet in addition in salty dishes. For instance, some Mexican dishes, (for example, Mol sauce) are set up with flavors, bean stew and chocolate. Dim chocolate is likewise added to numerous vegan dishes, including eggplant stew and hummus. Extraordinary thought for a chocolate diet menu!

Live peaceful

Swiss researchers have discovered that dull chocolate lessens the metabolic impacts of pressure. In the event that you are under serious pressure, every day admission of 40 grams of dim chocolate for about fourteen days will take pressure hormones back to ordinary.

4 plans for a chocolate day

Do you imagine that 20 grams of chocolate is excessively little to genuinely appreciate the flavor of our preferred treats? This isn’t valid!

Chocolate smoothie . Make a smoothie with 100 ml of kefir or common yogurt and 100 ml of organic products or berries (new or solidified). Include 20 grams of fine chocolate ground.

Chocolate espresso. On the off chance that you want to drink espresso, make a beverage as you like, and afterward sprinkle with a piece of dim chocolate.

Muesli with chocolate. Mix muesli, as showed on the bundle, sprinkle with ground chocolate.

Chocolate fondue. You will require 100 g of any crisp berries and 20 g of chocolate. Liquefy the chocolate in a water shower and eat, dunk the berries in it.

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