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5 Main Reasons For Overeating

What to eat , to get thinner? This inquiry always spins in your mind , and you can’t deny crunchy wafers , popcorn pops , delectable cold cola chips and fragile milk chocolate? The time has come to comprehend , that causes you to eat more , than you need , and dispose of the fixation – forever.




You don’t see what you eat

You eat while viewing a film or perusing the news. You go after a sandwich to gnaw off another piece, and abruptly you understand that the sandwich is finished. When did you complete it? How could it occur? What’s more, in case you’re as yet eager, is there something else to take? The issue is that you can’t focus on the sustenance procedure, you don’t get delight from it and you can’t control the part size – this is one of the most well-known explanations behind night indulging .

Arrangement: Close the book, turn off the TV, expel the telephone, snatch a little plate and sit at the table. Little machines help you center around the eating procedure and eat all the more gradually. On the off chance that you truly don’t have a moment during the working day and must have a tidbit directly at the table, don’t eat out of sacks or enormous bundles. Put sustenance on a plate and forgo added substances.

Peruser TIP: I eat on a timetable

“I disposed of additional pounds because of the way that I generally started to eat while sitting at the table. This may appear glaringly evident to a few, however I have three small kids (8, 6 and 5 years of age), and I cook something throughout the day, wash and clean. I used to bite in a hurry, eating everything that the youngsters left on the plates. Presently we have an exacting guideline at home: everybody enables mother to prepare the table and eat together. In two months, less 4 kilograms! ”


You eat during the evening

By 10 o’clock at night, when the family unit errands are done and the youngsters are put to bed, you just have the solidarity to serenely sit before the TV with a bundle of treats and a glass of wine. Nutritionists are certain that it is such night bites that turned into the reason for additional pounds.

As indicated by insights from the American National Institute of Nutrition, ladies who consistently eat before sleep time expend 15% a bigger number of calories than the individuals who stop directly after supper. That is the brain science of the reason for gorging.

Arrangement: If each night, at about a similar time, you feel an overpowering desire to eat, it is in all probability not a sentiment of craving, yet a propensity. Attempt to somewhat change the standard method of the day. Rather than viewing the arrangement, read a book, take a couple of minutes to do extending activities, or go for a stroll in the yard. Motion pictures and chips are an incredible mix, yet there are not really any chips during yoga.

Peruser TIP: How I quit eating a lot during the evening

“In the event that I feel hunger before hitting the sack, at that point I just eat berries, normal yogurt and crisp vegetables (carrots, celery, cucumbers). “There are not many calories in these items, so I’m not beating that, however I don’t need to hit the sack hungry either.”

Ekaterina, 42 years of age, Nizhny Novgorod


You always bite among lunch and supper

You have heard ordinarily that partial sustenance enables you to keep up ideal weight, yet for what reason would you say you are as yet not ready to dispose of additional pounds? As nutritionists exhort, you don’t starve, attempt to have a nibble between the principle suppers. In all probability the issue is that you can’t stop and eat excessively.

The answer for one of the fundamental purposes behind gorging : In request for a partial dinner to work for you, in a perfect bite, there ought to be close to 150 kcal and at the very least 14 g of protein. For instance, two hard-bubbled eggs or a glass of normal yogurt compare to these prerequisites. What’s more, do whatever it takes not to capitulate to tempting names on the bundling. Along these lines, the names “no sugar”, “0% fat” or “no additives” make us nearly belittle the quantity of calories in sustenances. 50 snacks with under 100 calories.

Peruser TIP: My Failsafe Method

“I truly love desserts and I realize that I can’t stop in the event that I see a chocolate bar or a bundle of cakes before me. To shield myself from enticement, presently I simply don’t keep any desserts at home. In the event that I need desserts or cakes, I need to get dressed, go out and stroll to the store. Frequently, apathy progresses toward becoming. ”

Inna, 27 years of age, Saint Petersburg


In the event that you have contributes front of you, you will unquestionably eat them

Saltines on the table, desserts in the workplace, doughnuts at a youngsters’ birthday – on the off chance that you see something unsafe before you, at that point you can’t control yourself. You will eat this doughnut, regardless of whether you are not ravenous! Accuse your very own mind for everything. Seeing unhealthy, sweet, greasy sustenances initiates joy focuses in the mind. Along these lines, surrendering one (and after that another hundred) piece is practically unimaginable.

Arrangement: Do not depend on determination. An increasingly solid path is to shield yourself from enticements, if conceivable, instead of oppose them. I don’t get this’ meaning by and by? On the off chance that you came to supper at a café, quickly tell the server that you don’t have to bring a bread container. Also, if during the gathering there is a container with desserts and treats on the table, sit away from it to make it difficult to reach.

Peruser TIP: How would I spare myself from cheap food

“I generally have a couple of muesli bars in my pack, a sack of nuts and a little container of water. On the off chance that I feel hungry in a store or out and about, I can have some food and smoothly hold up until supper. What’s more, when there is no inclination of craving, it is simpler to reject french fries, margarine doughnuts with cream and burgers! ”

Anastasia, 34 years of age, Moscow


You eat on an anxious premise

In the event that you are concerned, at that point an ideal bit of unwinding is a bit of chocolate. Also, better – a couple of bits of chocolate, a pack of chips and some more frozen yogurt and cocoa. There is not much. Stress generally positions first among the reasons for enthusiastic indulging in ladies.

Arrangement: Take two or three minutes to sincerely respond to your inquiry: what is truly occurring? Is it accurate to say that you are concerned in light of the fact that mother disclosed to you something upsetting? It is safe to say that you are freezing since costs are rising and pay rates are not expanding? It is safe to say that you are stressed over a questionable circumstance at work? Before going after desserts and frozen yogurt, consider what else will enable you to quiet down. Possibly you should ring mother and make? To go out to divert from working issues? Call a companion and healthily gripe about a hard life? More on the best way to quit holding onto stress.

Peruser TIP: As I state “stop” to myself

“On the off chance that I stress and truly need desserts, I set the clock on my telephone for 30 minutes. In the event that after 30 minutes chocolate is as yet required, I eat it. Be that as it may, all the more frequently you can manage without desserts. ”

Irina, 39 years of age, Tula

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