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Icy Diet: We Are Freezing And … We Are Losing Weight!

An ice diet is one of the least demanding and generally charming. How would we get in shape? In the exacting sense, because of the temperature contrast! The truth of the matter is that the body spends a great deal of vitality and calories to warm and retain cold nourishment. This sort of eating routine loses as much as 5 kilograms of weight in 7 days.

Ice Diet

What is the point?

The substance of this sort of sustenance is that for 7-14 days you ought to bar warm nourishment from your menu. All nourishment ought to be chilled, and all beverages ought to contain ice. On the off chance that you pursue an ice diet, you should drink at any rate 6 glasses of water for each day. Water must be cool, so first keep it in the cooler for 15-20 minutes. Drink cautiously in little tastes. Preferably, you should drink one glass in the first part of the day, one toward the evening and the last before hitting the hay, and the remainder of the fluid ought to be uniformly conveyed for the duration of the day. Along these lines, here is an unpleasant sustenance proportion.

Ice Diet Day 1:

First feast : ice water (1 cup)

Second feast : natural product ice 300 gr, kefir (essentially cold)

The third supper: meat cutlet and crisp pureed potatoes, pre-chilled, ice serving of mixed greens from vegetables and furthermore frosted tea (green)

Fourth supper : one glass of virus water

Fifth supper : aloof person filet (you can with vegetables) and a glass of ice water before sleep time.

Ice Diet Day 2:

First supper: one glass of virus water

Second supper : chilled curds with nectar and ice juice.

Third supper: cold okroshka and a glass of ice water.

Fourth Meal : Dried Fruits

Fifth feast : porridge (buckwheat) and cold kefir. Prior to hitting the sack, a glass of ice water.

Ice Diet Day 3:

First dinner : a glass of virus water

Second dinner: cold muesli (with yogurt) and water

Third dinner : bubbled potatoes with meat, cold vegetable serving of mixed greens, ice tea

Fourth dinner: chilled natural product

Fifth dinner : vegetable dish and gas without gas

Ice Diet Day 4:

First dinner: ice water

Second dinner : vegetable plate of mixed greens and one egg (bubbled)

Third dinner: fish with rice, vegetable plate of mixed greens and cold water

Fourth supper: frozen yogurt (organic product, low-calorie)

Fifth supper: chilled okroshka and ice water

Ice Diet Day 5:

First supper : ice water

Second Meal : Chilled Fruit Salad

Third supper: cold meat plate of mixed greens and a glass of water

Fourth supper : ice juice and treats

Fifth feast : chicken with vegetables and cold water

Ice Diet Day 6:

First dinner : ice water

Second supper: chilled porridge (cereal)

Third supper: cold soup and water (you can include a serving of mixed greens of crisp vegetables)

Fourth supper : chilled berries and organic products

Fifth supper: fish filet with bubbled rice and a glass of water

Ice Diet Day 7:

First supper: ice water

Second Meal: Cold Yogurt

Third supper: cold vegetables with chicken and water

Fourth supper : organic product dessert

Fifth supper : chilled omelet with organic product serving of mixed greens and a glass of virus water.

It ought to be recollected that all expended sustenances ought to be cold and low-calorie, yet be mindful so as not to get hypothermia.

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