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Vitamins vs. Anti Vitamins

Good and evil, love and hate, destruction and creation, light and darkness, hooting to the Lord and the litany of Satan. Our whole life, in all its forms and manifestations, is nothing but a struggle of opposites, but not excluding one another, but complementing and being the cause and effect of each other.

And let the one who has gone to extremes be doomed, and blessed be the one who has the blessings of this world, taking advantage of his opposing essences!

The article, with an introduction that is not so typical for a sports publication, will focus on two extremes, two antipodes with a similar structure, but the opposite nature of its manifestation in our world of lower matter: vitamins and anti-vitamins.The main vitamins (from the Latin vita – life and amines) are thirteen, and each of them is indicated by a letter of the Latin alphabet. Vitamins are irreplaceable food substances, which indicates the inability of the body to synthesize them on their own, and their main source for a person is food. Vitamins in the body turn into coenzymes and interact with the correspondingsquirrels, thereby regulating many biochemical processes. Vitamins are a powerful catalyst for carbohydrate metabolism, hormone synthesis, and so on.Vitaminscan only be embedded in the corresponding protein. Anti-vitamins also turn into coenzymes, only false ones. Specific proteins do not notice the catch and try to enter into sacred proximity with the false Vitamin, but intercourse does not entail the usual consequences favorable to the body. The action of vitamins is blocked and biological activity stops! The processesmetabolism stop.

The modern rhythm of life is due to the massive transition of quality into quantity, which has become characteristic of a consumer society. Technological progress has led to the fact that a man from a creature of active action, degraded into a “plankton” (office), a kind of biological appendage to the computer system unit. The sun was replaced by an energy-saving light bulb, and the semi-synthetic food, “enriched” with empty calories and artificially synthesized taste, produced by large corporations aimed at maximizing profit with minimal investment, dominates and dominates the diet.
All this has led to a significant decrease in the bioavailability of vitamins, and it turned out that vitamins such as anti-vitamins threaten the well-being of overworked vitamins, and the sad news is that in some cases they are synthesized from the vitamins themselves !!! How to live with it now?

Curious is the fact that today anti-vitamins to all known vitamins have been discovered.

Anti-vitamins can be divided into two main groups. The first group includes chemicals that inactivate the vitamin by breaking down, breaking down, or binding its molecules to inactive forms. Hydrogenated fat (margarine) harms retinol – vitamin A, responsible for growth and development, is a structural component cell membranesproviding antioxidant protection of the body.

Caffeine is a fierce enemy of B vitamins, therefore it is better to arouse the activity of the central nervous system with a cup of coffee after a meal, but not before and especially not instead of food !!!
Polyunsaturated fatty acids or vitamin F are essentially essential nutrients for the life of the body, these are the same omega 3 and -6, which in excess are the antipode of vitamin E. Acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) – there are many fans who take this pharmacological drug to thin the blood and as a tread for increasing the pain threshold, for example, thereby causing a serious blow to vitamins of group B, vitamin A and an active participant in the work of the adrenal cortex – vitamin C.

Antibiotics- often suppress the biological activity of B vitamins and a number of minerals. Parallel reception can lead to conflict.

The second group includes chemicals structurally similar or structurally related to vitamins. These substances displace vitamins from biologically active compounds and, thus, make them inactive.

The most striking example is vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), which performs the biological functions of a reducing agent and coenzyme of some metabolic processes is antioxidant. You crushed vegetables in a salad and without knowing it, and not wanting, opened, by preparation, inside the vegetables, exposed the vitamin C deposits and under the influence of light, the process of synthesis of the villainous anti-vitamin ascorbinase started. This substance is similar in structure to ascorbic acid, but has the opposite effect. Ascorbinase destroys L-ascorbic acid by oxidizing the latter. The true value, as a source of vitamin C are whole vegetables and fruits, no slicing !!!Now we’ll go over the most affordable anti-vitamins to eat with food, so that by gaining this knowledge, take the set maximum from the available minimum.

Vitamin B (thiamine) – a group of water-soluble vitamins, constant participants in cellular metabolism. Antipodethiamine is a thiaminase enzyme – found in the tissues of many freshwater and marine fish, especially a lot of it in carp, Atlantic herring, shellfish. In addition, thiaminase is produced by bacteria in the intestinal tract. Thiamine deficiency threatens, first of all, lovers of raw fish. Thiaminases of plant and animal origin cause the destruction of a part of thiamine in various food products during storage.

Vitamin H (Biotin) – the antagonist is avidin- Albumin fraction of raw egg white of birds and reptiles. Biotin is responsible for healthy intestinal microflora and stabilizes blood sugar, avidin prevents its absorption. Both substances are found in eggs, but avidin is found only in a raw egg. These two components form a biologically passive complex with each other. When heated, denaturation (irreversible structural disorder) of avidin in the egg protein occurs, and therefore cooked eggs do not interfere with the absorptionbiotin.

Vitamin Kand its antipode is dicumarin. If Vitamin K is responsible forblood coagulation, then dicumarin, on the contrary, inhibits this process, and also causes a decrease lipids in the blood and, as a result, violates the functions of the central nervous system, structure cell membranesand blood vessels, which is fraught with bleeding. Dicumarin is used as a medicine for diseases caused by increased blood coagulability, toxic when overdosed. According to one version, it was the pharmaceutical preparation “dicumarin” that caused poisoning with subsequent death for Comrade Stalin.Dicumarin is formed as a result of rotting of the grass, it is also found in figs, parsnips and such a plant as sweet clover.

Vitamin B3, PP, (nicotinic acid or niacin) – found in dairy products, eggs, fish, lean meat, legumes, nuts, poultry. Participates in the metabolism of fats,protein, amino acids, purines, tissue respiration, glycogenolysis, biosynthesis processes. Nicotinic acid deficiency is accompanied by digestive disorders, diseases of the skin and central nervous system.

The antagonist is, you will be shocked, the representative of the Holy Trinity in the pantheon of consumers of sports food. Amino acid with branched side chains (BCAAs) – leucine. Nicotinic acid and leucine, as a rule, are contained in the same products, which negates the likelihood of hypervitaminosis along the line of niacin, that is, leucine acts as a limiting factor for the presence of vitamin B3 in the framework of the biological norm. With an excess of leucine in the bloodstream, both in BCAA and as a separate dietary supplement, the probability of vitamin B3 deficiency increases significantly !!!

A separate point is worth noting that a resident of the city, as a rule, is deficient in three vitamins A, E, C – three antioxidants, vitamins of youth. They protect our body from free radicals that can destroy us at the cellular level. Bad ecology, tobacco, alcohol – these are the factors that antioxidants confront, sacrifice themselves for the benefit of us. They act not only as catalysts for biochemical processes in the body, but also as consumables in the process of life and interaction with the human environment.

In connection with all of the above, it is necessary to summarize the following: The diet should be balanced, varied and consist of products produced, if possible, with minimal human involvement, so that the body gets the maximum benefit. It is necessary to avoid the absolute dominance of a single nutrient that can block in excess the creative activity of other nutrients. Since man has lost the ability, like a wild beast, to regulate his nutrition on an intuitive level, we need this knowledge, knowledge from the field of nutrition science – nutrition. Guided by this knowledge, we are obliged to give the body the necessary amount of nutrients with the proper nutritional value in order to get the maximum useful “exhaust” from our trainings.

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